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  • Aluminum substrate production process - how is the aluminum circuit board produced?

    Aluminum-based copper clad plate material drawing Once again, we will carefully produce the production guidelines for the customer's requirements, starting with the customer's requirements, with circuit layers, hole layers, and character layers. Solder mask, outer layer. Be sure to take it lightly during production to prevent scratching. In the V-CUT process, we must pay attention to the depth of processing, too deep and easy to break, it is not convenient for subsequent customers to process, too bad to produce. Therefore, every link must be taken seriously and seriously. When you are handing it over to your customers, you will get recognition from your customers. Also pay attention to the appearance tolerance, appearance, and open short circuit, After the appearance of the V-cut, the electrical test is carried out, and the package is shipped after confirming the OK. Of course, there are many QC sampling checks in the middle, the first inspection. Therefore, the production of an aluminum substrate is done through many processes and labor. It is necessary to control the defective products and scrapped in one go, and strive for the best price-to-price ratio products for customers. Article source: 四川万兴机械设备∆有∆限公司


  • Why do aluminum substrates do (3000v) high voltage test?

    Today I want to talk about why the aluminum substrate is withstand voltage 3000v, 4000v. This article is because when we communicate with the aluminum substrate customers, a considerable number of customers do not pay much attention to the pressure resistance of the aluminum substrate, which is usually used by us. The voltage is 220V, the voltage in the EU, Japan and some countries is only 110V, which is why the European Union uses a low voltage of 3000V-4000V, which is due to safety awareness. First of all, the pressure resistance of the aluminum substrate should be understood from the structure of the aluminum substrate. It is composed of a copper-clad layer, an insulating layer and a metal base layer. The intermediate layer determines its thermal conductivity and withstand voltage, so the intermediate layer The importance of this is obvious. There are also many low-end products in the market. There are also many hidden dangers in use. Let us talk about why we should use high pressure aluminum substrates.


  • Why do LED lighting fixtures use aluminum substrates?

    Aluminum substrate characteristics ● Surface Mount Technology (SMT); ● extremely efficient treatment of thermal diffusion in circuit design; ● Reduce product operating temperature, increase product power density and reliability, and extend product life; ● Reduce product size and reduce hardware and assembly costs; ● Replace the fragile ceramic substrate for better mechanical durability. PCB aluminum substrate use: Uses: Power Hybrid IC (HIC). 1.LED lighting products 2. Audio equipment: input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, etc. 3. Power supply equipment: switching regulator `DC/AC converter `SW regulator, etc. 4. Communication electronic equipment: high frequency amplifier `filtering appliance` reporting circuit. 5. Office automation equipment: motor drives, etc. 6. Car: electronic regulator `igniter` power controller, etc. 7. Computer: CPU board `floppy disk drive` power supply unit, etc. 8. Power module: Inverter 'solid relay' rectifier bridge and so on. Article source: 四川万兴机械(Xiè)设备有限公司[Sī]


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